Friday, November 6, 2015

Five reasons certain players are better than you (and how you can be that good too)

It's pretty clear that most of the Chicago Smash 4 scene is new. Not many people came into the scene with backgrounds in competitive Smash. In fact, 70% of our top 10 started competitive smash with Smash 4 (Shel, JTWild, Dan, NiTe, Demitus, Big_Mak, etc.). I find it interesting that even though this is their first competitive game, there is a handful of players that dominate the scene and consistently beat everyone else who is trying to make their break through to reach the top 10. These top players have been playing the game the exact same amount of time as anyone else in the scene, but why are they so much better than the average player? I see so many people put hours upon hours into this game with little results, while this select few are blazing past the rest of the competition. Why is that?