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Liquor Burger Monthly #3 Results (5/18/19)

This weekend was the third monthly tournament at Liquor Burger in Incheon! This has always been one of my favorite tournament series in Korea. It is relatively low stakes, but for just 5,000₩ (about $4.18 USD) you can enter into both the singles and doubles brackets. Because of the low cost of entry and fun atmosphere, Liquor Burger always gets a great turnout, and a lot of doubles teams! Check out how it all went down:
Photo credit: Korea Smash

Liquor Burger Monthly #3

Date: 2019/05/18
Location: Liquor Burger 3 층, 600-1 Yeonsu 2(i)-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea
Entry fee: 5,000₩ (~$4.18 USD) Entry fee gets you into both singles and doubles brackets.

Singles: 31 entrants
Prizes are vouchers for Liquor Burger

2. Tanark
3. LynZle
4. Steeb
5. Guilt
7. PapaSalami
7. OhYatYoungSeok
9. Deggshot
9. S1NBY
9. WizD
9. Triolade
13. IntoTheIllusion
13. mayonnaise
13. YaseGi
13. MasK
17. Jlew
17. Splash
17. Aremantium
17. Queen Karinja
17. U-Turn
17. Feeling it
17. XZC Top20
17. Jaq
25. FoxC
25. Ferial
25. Babriba
25. Lemma
25. Trepe Serafin
25. Sunfish
25. A_Bird

Doubles: 15 teams

1. MEME TEAM (LynZle + Guilt)
2. Naryu's Nair (Splash + Steeb)
3. Gerudo Dragon (Deggshot + S1NBY)
4. MayoFeel (Feeling it + mayonnaise)
5. Sticky Fists, The Dragon's Bane (DUNKR + Papa Salami)
7. Cross Bair (Tanark + U-Turn)
7. Chean-il (ManBok + OhYatYoungSeok)
9. ah Nan (Lemma + Queen Karinja)
9. Chicken of the Sea (Sunfish + Aremantium)
9. LB Players (Jaq + Panini Steve)
9. Jlew/Wizd (Jlew + Wizd)
13. BullFox (FoxC + IronLethargy
13. Z Coin (A_Bird + XZC Top20)
13. Red Bone (Brownies + Ferial)

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