Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tailgate Tavern #4 Tournament Results (5/5/19)

While I was away in the Philippines last weekend, Korea had one of it's monthly tournaments: Tailgate Tavern!  With me being gone for the weekend and a couple travelers visiting Korea, the results of Tailgate Tavern were sure to be interesting. Check out how it all went down:
Photo credit: Eric Kim

Tailgate Tavern #4

Date: 2019/05/05
Location: Tailgate Tavern - 대한민국 경기도 평택시 팽성읍 팽성대교길 팽성읍 팽성대교길 82 평택시 경기도 KR 17977
Entry fee: Free! (purchasing a meal from the bar is highly recommended to help support the tournament)

Singles: 25 entrants
1. Neath
2. Juvey
3. NoChillager
4. Triolade
5. Guilt
5. Lynzle
7. Chupp
7. Pretzel
9. 6host
9. Gingerham
9. IntoTheIllusion
9. Splash
13. AfricanBatman
13. Chavez
13. Gryphy
13. Taylor
17. HDiesAlone
17. Jay
17. KentNoGood
17. Louis
17. Near
17. Rose
17. Shurrun
17. Top 20
25. Du ma

Doubles: 9 teams
1. JuveyHugo (Juvey + Neath)
2. Top10 and Guilt (Pretzel + Guilt)
3. Mad Lads (Chupp + Jay)
4. Lanced (Lance + 6host)
5. Pigeon Squa!!! (Triolade + Gryphy)
5. Wangcon (Lemma + Splash)
7. African Batman & Robin (African Batman + ?????)
7. No Good (Chavez + Louis)
9. DieChum (HDiesAlone + Taylor)

If I have any characters listed incorrectly or if you would like me to link to your Twitter profile, please let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter so I can change it.

Looking to join the Smash scene in Korea? Join the Korea Smash | 한국 대난투 모임 Facebook Group, the ASW Korea Smash Discord , and the MSK 미스터 스매시 코리아 Discord for all the latest info on upcoming tournaments, general Smash discussion, and matchmaking.

If you are in Korea be sure to check out Seoul Smash #5 this weekend, May 11th. It is shaping up to be one of the most stacked tournaments we've ever seen in Korea, and is already surpassing expected preregistration numbers. You can sign up on Challonge here.

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